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Bible Coalition is delighted to offer Bible Journey® as its first opportunity for promoting Bible engagement. 

Why did we choose Bible Journey?
Bible Journey's mission is to raise up a generation of global disciples who can understand, interpret and teach the Bible.

Bible Journey is transformative. You will engage with the themes, terms, structures and narrative of Scripture, explore historical, geographical and cultural contexts and discover the implications and impact of Scripture on Christians throughout history and around the world. 

Bible Journey is immersive.
Dive into Scripture, experience 360-degree virtual reality visits to biblical locations and sit in on interviews with Christians around the world.  

Bible Journey is accessible. Whether located in Boston, Los Angeles or halfway around the world, all you need is an internet connection to engage in rich theological study and global biblical discipleship.

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Study the Bible on-the-go with Bible Journey's online Bible studies, available on all your devices. Whether you're using a phone, tablet or laptop, all of your progress is always saved and synced, so you can study seamlessly whenever and wherever you want to.


Deepen your understanding of Scripture, whenever and wherever you want. Study the entire Bible or just one book with access to the entire Bible Journey curriculum of online Bible courses from the first day you sign up. Bible Journey offers a mix of in-depth and academic study of the Bible alongside immersive content that makes you feel like you’re really there.

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The Pentateuch

The Formation of God's People

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History & Poetry

The Mission of God's People in the Promised Land

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Prophesy and Restoration:

A People in Exile

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The Gospels:

The Life and Ministry of Christ

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Acts & Paul's Epistles:

The Mission of God's People to the Nations

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General Epistle's & Revelation

A Sojourning People

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Bible Coalition awards Bible Journey scholarships worldwide to:

• Churches
• Individuals
• Ministries
• Educational Institutions

See how Bible Journey can serve your church and ministry.

Get Involved, Change Lives

Your donation enables Bible Coalition to award Bible Journey scholarships to applicants who are inspired to engage God's Word at a deeper level. A donation of $150 covers the cost of a one-year scholarship to Bible Journey. Hear about the impact of participating in Bible Journey and in giving towards scholarships that allow others to participate in the short video below.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether applying for a scholarship or donating so others can learn, the process is simple.

Apply For A Scholarship

 If you are interested in receiving a Bible Journey Scholarship, please apply online using the link below.

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Donate A Scholarship

Your support means everything. Each donation of $150 allows Bible Coaltion to grant a one-year Bible Journey scholarship. Your donation can change a life! Give today using the button below.

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